We are not in the forest.

If possible, this weekend.


Harmon has been working since late last night.

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Go and help them, Bud.


I spent a year at a school in Russia.

Kevan and the rest of the robbers rendezvoused at a subway station.

I wonder what's going to happen tomorrow.


I don't like it in there.

The patrolman motioned me to pull over.

That made them smile.

He would drink a white or red wine.

Rain is like ambrosia as World cannot exist without rain.

We have a plane to catch.

People don't know how to drive in this town.

I'm beginning to lose patience with Pratt.

I had everything under control.

There were demonstrations against the government by Japanese university students in the 1960's.

The police promised Carlos that they would look for his daughter.

I am sure of succeeding.

Bruce emigrated to Australia in 2013.


I generally agree with her.

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After eleven seconds they can cross the street.


She resembles her mother in every respect.

I don't think Kurt likes you very much.

What do you think about this?


We think you're right.


Sarah is a stranger in this town.

She finished writing a letter.

Izchak and the others are headed this way.

Jeffie went to see what was going on.

I ought to give them a call.

I love teaching kids Spanish!

The story reminded me of my father.

Darin doesn't think about others.

What you smell now is the scent of nightmares.


Do you have my money or not?

I am nearly as tall as she.

May I lie on the sofa?

Would you go with me to the homecoming dance next week?

Activists are stepping up their protest drive.


My hand got bitten by my beloved dog.

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Tell him this is hopeless.

Bret was killed with this knife.

They are likely to get seasick.

The new national elder-care insurance system starts next year, right?

The skiing season has passed.

Could you tell me the way to the port?

We're looking for our passports.

Where will the meeting be?

They're a good baseball team.

I'm not interested in politics.

I offered him odds of 3 to 1.

Suddenly, I blacked out.

Josip took notes during the meeting.

These blinds are not made of real wood.

I'm a beginner, so I think I'll start from a 'garter stitch' muffler or a 'knit-one-purl-one stitch' one.

You've written a great speech.

I hope to pass my exams.


Why are you locking the door?

Have you ever screamed in a movie theater?

She has two sisters, who live in Kyoto.


Who will teach our children?

What is the good of doing it?

Divide this cake among you three.


News of his death wasn't published for several weeks.

Don't call 911! You have to call 112.

In the end, "feminity" is something that a woman is naturally furnished with, there is no need to make any effort to show it, and it's a quality such that even if one were to make conscious efforts to hide it, it would lead to nothing.

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He is a man of wealth.

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Let's give it a whirl.


Biddle was an extremely intelligent man.


Were you able to get the dishwasher to work?

Sekar and Kelvin aren't really dating, are they?

Do you think Ralph might be part of the problem?

I wonder if there's a chance Cynthia will be here tomorrow.

It's probably raining.


Eliot doesn't hate you.

Debbie got what he wanted.

I like him but he cries into his beer way too often.


Is it true that you were pregnant then?

Byron is double-parked.

I'm happy because I am not a woman.

His watch is ten minutes slow.

I need you to do it yourself.

Kris angrily walked out of the room.

Mahmoud wandered off.

Your speech was splendid.

I'd like to discuss this with Marcos.

You've thought that before, haven't you?

Blow your nose.

I can't believe it!

The students stood up one by one and introduced themselves.

Hunger is one of the largest social misfortunes.

Why were you talking to him?

Craig is wearing a black fedora.

I've got all the time in the world.

Skeeter appealed to his friends for sympathy.

He acquainted himself with his job.

How long have you liked Lum?

I think he should stay away from drugs of any sort.

Have you ever felt abandoned by God?

Jacob is now apologizing.

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Draw me a sketch of the first floor.

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I'll give Bonnie a chance.

A tsunami is coming, so please be on the alert.

Antonella was at the sink washing dishes.

That's quite another thing to what you promised.

I cannot draw a car. It's too difficult.

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I can't really believe all this is happening.

Teruyuki was shot to death.

Down with it! It's really shameful.

You're domineering.

My mother's brother's wife is my aunt.

Can I tell Giovanni why?

Can we forget that this just happened?

My parents don't understand me.

Your suitcase looks heavy.

Loren drank three cups of coffee before he left for work.

You'll be able to see the difference very easily.

It's not what we expected.

Torsten said Audrey was down here.

He lacks motivation.

Choose a word.

Let's get back on topic.

They are contending for the prize.

Can you tell me how you found out what Art did?

Is Frank supposed to be helping Tad?

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Do you want to go to my room?

You said you were going to help me.

You should've called him.

Kylo became conscious.

Pradeep is terribly jealous.


I told you to meet me here.

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Dawn lies to Bonnie all the time.

A relationship based on total honesty is bound to fail.

I think I've understood everything.

So, what are we going to do?

I think I'm the person who should do that.


I flunked two of my tests.

I don't know why they don't understand.

I am not experienced in driving.

I am sending you a birthday present by air mail.

Knudsen's blindfold was removed.

You have to talk really loud, otherwise he won't understand us.

The pronoun "hen" is approved in Sweden.

I need it until tomorrow.

Why didn't you come into work yesterday?

I got out of bed and had a good stretch.

Do you still miss Molly?

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That picture brought back a lot of memories.

He bailed on us just when we needed him.

They made a stubborn resistance.


Wolfgang and Olaf's life was never the same again once their baby was born.


Many people were out of work.

Don't call me.

Have you seen her?


The heart and mystery of his philosophy was, to look upon the world as a gigantic practical joke; as something too absurd to be considered seriously, by any rational man.

After Heinz wiped the table with a dirty rag, it looked dirtier than before.

I ought to give him a call.

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She could feel her knees shaking.

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Vick put two slices of bread into the toaster and pushed down on the lever.

I doubled up with a stranger that night.

John picked a quarrel with college kids near him at the bar.


I always found weird to participate in a community under a pseudonym and sign messages with another name.

It can't be kept secret forever.

This tree bears good peaches every year.